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The Thumb, the Whole Thumb and Nothing but the Thumb

20 - 21 November 2019

The thumb is the most important digit in the hand and yet is often overlooked at most meetings. This two day meeting will cover most aspects of thumb pathology including the recent advances in soft tissue ligament reconstructions and the latest thoughts in total thumb CMCJ replacement surgery.
The course is aimed at all levels of clinicians as there will be ample opportunity for informal discussion. We have gathered an experienced faculty to discuss the wide spectrum of pathology that can occur in the thumb. We hope at the end of the two days your CPD box for thumb will be well and truly ticked.


  1. Hayton Michael
  2. Ng C YBasu Shub
  3. Brewster Mark
  4. Carlson Michelle
  5. Compson Jon
  6. Dautel Gilles
  7. Delaney Rachel
  8. Goggins Theresa
  9. Hearnden Anthony
  10. Jeys Lee
  11. Joyce Tom
  12. Lam Wee Leon McArthur Paul Murali Raj

Sood Manu Stanley John Talwalkar Sumedh Trail Ian
Wu Feiran


Wrightington Hotel & Country Club, Moss Lane, Wrightington WN6 9PB


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Wrightington Upper Limb Unit